Training Classes


Join our group classes to learn vital life skills for your best friend. With small class sizes, you can rest assured you will the best start in your training journey.

We offer Puppy classes and Adult classes (Stage 1). Once completed, these courses can be followed by Stage 2 and Stage 3 progression courses, learning new skills and building on what you have already learned at Stage 1.

Puppy/Adult Stage 1 - Learn basics of training your dog, useful skills for life, covering topics such as sit, loose lead walking, settle work and recall to name a few.

Stage 2 - Continuing on from Stage 1, build on the basics, as well as working on new skills, and working in more distracting environments.

Stage 3 - Advancing on skills already learnt, building on duration, working from a distance, around more distractions, plus even more new cues!


Puppy Stage 1 - TBC

Adult Stage 1 - TBC

Mixed Stage 2 - TBC

Mixed Stage 3 - TBC